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Eluned Morgan has been designated as the WHO Champion for the European Well-being Economy Initiative.

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Dr. Hans Henri P. Kluge, WHO Regional Director for Europe, has appointed Eluned Morgan as a WHO Champion for the European Well-being Economy Initiative. Morgan, currently serving as the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Social Care of Wales in the United Kingdom, has been personally selected for her dedication to advancing the health sector’s role in fostering a well-being economy and advocating for a comprehensive societal approach to well-being.

Wales stands out globally for its legislative framework supporting well-being. The Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act (2015) mandates that public bodies in Wales consider the long-term impacts of their decisions, collaborate more effectively with communities, and address persistent issues like poverty, health disparities, and climate change. Additionally, the Socio-Economic Duty (2021) promotes improved decision-making to achieve better outcomes for socioeconomically disadvantaged groups in Wales, emphasizing equality-focused strategies.

Inspiring innovation

Collaborating closely with WHO/Europe and the WHO European Office for Investment for Health and Development, Wales is poised to position itself as a hub for innovation in fostering and advancing well-being economies. Among the initiatives undertaken in this partnership is the launch of the Welsh Health Equity Status Report Initiative, which promotes evidence-based cross-sector collaborations and investments aimed at reducing health inequalities in Wales and beyond.

Cabinet Secretary Morgan remarked, “Our Well-being of Future Generations Act has compelled us to think and act differently about our decisions, prioritizing the long-term welfare of our population. I believe Wales’ steadfast commitment to building a well-being economy, advancing sustainability in health investment, and promoting health equity can inspire other regions and nations, fostering greater equality, shared prosperity, and enhanced well-being.”

Through the European Well-being Economy Initiative, WHO/Europe endeavors to showcase the mutual benefits of investing in well-being, equity, and healthy societies for sustainable and inclusive development. This initiative will continue shaping national strategies to generate new revenue streams and redirect existing expenditures toward health, equity, and well-being policies and interventions.

Dr. Kluge emphasized, “We all aspire to live in communities characterized by safety, fairness, and inclusivity, where our voices matter. We seek meaningful employment, quality education for our children, and access to healthcare when needed. A well-being economy prioritizes the welfare of both people and the planet. Working alongside our Well-Being Economy Initiative Champions, we aim to inspire policymakers, as well as leaders in the economy and finance sectors, to invest in people and health. This, we believe, is fundamental to fostering equity, trust, and prosperity.”

Placing health and health equity at the core

Cabinet Secretary Morgan has joined the ranks of WHO/Europe’s inaugural Well-being Economy Initiative Champions, alongside Katrín Jakobsdóttir, Prime Minister of Iceland, and Alexei Buzu, Minister of Labour and Social Protection of the Republic of Moldova.

The role of these champions is to advocate for the transition to well-being economies among governments in the European Region and globally. They serve as prominent public figures committed to raising awareness about crucial health issues and solutions, working closely with WHO’s efforts.

Appointed by the WHO Regional Director for Europe for a two-year term, the champions collaborate closely with the WHO European Office for Investment for Health and Development to highlight priorities and health issues affecting people’s lives and well-being.

Cabinet Secretary Morgan’s appointment was officially announced during the European Health Forum Gastein webinar titled “Heading towards well-being societies in Europe,” underlining the importance of sustaining efforts to prioritize health and well-being for all in societies.

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