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FX Broker News: Terms of Use

The following Terms of Use will govern the usage of the Finance Brokerage website (“financebrokerage.com,” “We/Us,” “the Website,” or “the Company”) and any related app or services accessed through the website. The User (“You,” “Your,” or “the User”) agrees that by accessing the website and/or its services, You are legally bound by the Terms of Use, as well as other policies, articulated herein.

You may not use or access the Website if you choose to disagree with these Terms of Use.


  1. By accessing the Website, You warrant that you are at least 18 years of age or at the legal age determined by your region and/or jurisdiction.
  2. We reserve the right to change these Terms, add or remove content, and disable or terminate provision of services without prior notice.
  3. The texts, images, graphics, quotes, information, and all intellectual property available on the Website are properties of the Company. They are not to be used for commercial purposes and should not be altered, removed, distributed, or sold, unless otherwise permitted by the Company.
  4. You, as the User, agree to be subject to additional terms and conditions, including the Privacy Policy, Copyright, and any other applicable rules and regulations.
  5. We do not provide any guarantee as to the accuracy, completeness, and appropriateness of the content posted on the Website.
  6. The materials and content posted on the Website are for informational purposes only. The Company does not endorse or promote any entity or third parties, including their services, financial products, security, or investment.
  7. The Website does not provide any investment advice. Any content that pertains to techniques, strategies, events, and/or recommendations will not be treated as professional investment advice.
  8. To the fullest extent permitted by the law, Finance Brokerage will not be liable for any damages, fees, or charges incurred by the User in his/her usage of the Company’s content and/or educational materials.
  9. Should any of the Terms herein be deemed invalid, unenforceable, or inapplicable, the other Terms found here will not be affected. Failure to enforce any of terms indicated will not constitute a waiver of the right to enforce it.


This segment explains how and why the Company collects, handles, stores, and protects the information of its Users in the context of the services We provide.


  1. The Website provides information to all individuals and entities with access to the domain (financebrokerage.com), with the content specializing in financial markets, trade, and economic events.
  2. Within the informational services, there may be links to third-party websites or applications. Finance Brokerage will not be responsible for the content and privacy compliance of third-party websites or applications.
  3. The Website uses cookies on its servers, logs, and other technologies that automatically collect system/device and usage information. These cookies are text files that help up administer and protect our services as well as to calibrate them based on your preferences.
  4. You can disable the usage of cookies on the settings. Some features of the Website may not be available when cookies are turned off. Access to some parts may also be restricted.
  5. The information the Website collects include, but are not limited to,
    a. Name and contact data
    b. User content
    c. Device information
    d. User information and browsing history
    e. Location data
    f. Demographic information
  6. The data collected from You are used in compliance with Our legal obligations as well as for legitimate purposes of Our third-party partners.


All data contained on the Website are protected under applicable intellectual property copyright rules and regulation.

It is strictly prohibited to use, store, reproduce, display, modify, distribute, or transmit all content found on the Website without prior written permission from the Company.

All intellectual property rights are reserved by the Company. Finance Brokerage upholds the rights to pursue any legal action should it find any content, material, or copyrighted item being used for unintended purposes.

Risk Disclosure

The Website primarily caters to Users intending to participate in the financial markets. Trading on the financial markets is a highly risky venture and may not be suitable for all kinds of traders. The Company is not liable for any losses incurred in the process of trading performed by the User.


All information provided on the Website, including news, market education, blogs, analyses, et cetera, are offered “as is” and must not be taken as official expert advice. The User understands and agrees that such information is provided solely for informational purposes only. Any losses or fees that arise from the usage of the Website’s content will not be held against the company.


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