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Eurozone Sentix Investor Confidence Index rises to -10.5 in March vs. -12.9 previous

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  • Eurozone investors’ morale keeps improving for the fifth month in a row in March.
  • EUR/USD holds gains near 1.0850 after the upbeat Eurozone data.

The most recent survey on Monday revealed a positive trend for the Eurozone Sentix Investor Confidence Index, which climbed from -12.9 in February to -10.5 in March, marking its highest level since April 2023.

The Expectations Index in the Eurozone also displayed improvement, rising from -5.5 in the previous month to -2.3 in March.

Furthermore, the index measuring the Current Situation recorded an increase to -18.5 in March from -20.0 in February, marking the fifth consecutive monthly rise.

Key takeaways

“While the data indicates a positive direction, a traditional spring revival for the Eurozone is not on the horizon. The hindrance to a comprehensive economic recovery in the core of Europe is attributed to German economic policies, sustaining the ongoing recession.”

Market reaction to the Eurozone Sentix data

EUR/USD remains in a consolidation phase, holding onto gains near 1.0850, even in the face of positive Eurozone data. Currently, the EUR/USD pair is showing a 0.10% increase for the day.

Euro price today

The table illustrates the percentage change of the Euro (EUR) against various major currencies today. The Euro exhibited its strongest performance against the Japanese Yen.

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