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What is the extent of billionaire Bill Gates’ investment in Microsoft stock?

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Bill Gates earned his reputation and amassed his significant wealth as the co-founder and CEO of Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT). The company gained renown for creating the widely-used Windows operating system (OS), Internet Explorer, and the Office suite of productivity software.

In recent years, Microsoft has diversified its offerings to include Azure cloud services, the Teams workplace platform, Surface laptop and notebook computers, and Xbox gaming consoles, among other ventures.

The AI connection

Given his tenure as CEO, it’s unsurprising that much of Gates’ wealth remains invested in Microsoft stock. Beyond his historical ties to the company, Gates has been outspoken about the transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in reshaping our interactions with technology. Microsoft stands at the forefront of generative AI development, pioneering a suite of Copilots aimed at streamlining tasks and enhancing productivity in various industries.

An early user survey revealed that 70% of respondents reported increased productivity with Copilot, and 77% expressed reluctance to discontinue its use. Additionally, AI has propelled Microsoft Azure, which emerged as the fastest-growing cloud infrastructure provider in the fourth quarter of the calendar year, with a 30% year-over-year revenue surge. Notably, the company attributed six percentage points of this growth to AI.

Show me the money

In recent years, Gates has shifted his focus towards philanthropy, committing to eventually donate the majority of his wealth to charitable causes. To facilitate this ambition, he established the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Trust, which holds a substantial portion of his considerable fortune.

According to Forbes, Gates’ estimated net worth is approximately $127 billion. Regulatory filings indicate that nearly $46 billion of this sum is held by the Trust. This includes over 38 million shares of Microsoft stock, valued at more than $15 billion.

Investors might draw inspiration from Gates’ approach. His willingness to allocate $15 billion to Microsoft stock could suggest that the company merits consideration.

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