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Cryfi announces the release of Founder Pass NFT following the launch of its Alpha version.

by FX BrokerNews

Cryfi, a platform specializing in trading signals, has unveiled its Alpha version as a Telegram Mini App. Additionally, it has introduced its Founder Pass NFT collection, providing users with a range of benefits on the platform. Availability for the Founder Pass NFT collection begins on May 3rd.

The platform seeks to elevate trading signal sharing within established communities, going beyond basic copy-trading methods through API integration, allowing for customization and broader implementation.

The full-featured web app is scheduled for launch later this year.

What are the perks of holding Founder Pass NFT?

The Founder Pass NFT collection presents early supporters of Cryfi with exclusive privileges within the platform, encompassing lifetime subscriptions to trading courses and entry to exclusive trading groups.

The collection comprises two tiers: the Shark Pass, priced at $300 with 404 NFTs available, and the Whale Pass, priced at $3000 each, limited to only 26 NFTs.

Both tiers offer additional benefits such as profit sharing, augmented discounts, and perpetual access to signal channels reserved for Cryfi’s top ambassadors. Furthermore, NFT holders will enjoy priority access to all new features introduced by Cryfi, providing them with a distinct edge in their trading endeavors.

How do I get involved?

Supporters can secure a position on the whitelist by engaging in the Galxe campaign.

Leading contributors are assured an opportunity to acquire NFTs, while all participants will receive a complimentary Early Supporter badge and inclusion in a pool of NFT prizes valued at $6000.

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