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Mystic Moose and WowWee collaborate to animate Mojo Melee NFTs.

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Mystic Moose, the independent game studio and publisher renowned for Planet Mojo, has partnered with WowWee to develop a series of physical toys based on the characters from the Mojo Melee NFT collection.

Every toy will feature a distinctive QR code, enabling owners to mint the corresponding digital version for in-game use by players.

The collaboration seeks to strengthen connections and elevate player interaction within the Planet Mojo ecosystem.

Mojo Melee Gets More Than A Phygital Makeover

Andrew Yanofsky, Head of Marketing and Operations at WowWee, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “We’re thrilled to once again collaborate with Mike and Mystic Moose. Planet Mojo offers a rich IP with vast potential for toys and beyond. WowWee and Mike’s team are known for their innovative approach, and I’m eager to witness the realization of our early concepts!”

This collaboration follows previous successful projects between Mystic Moose and WowWee, such as UNTAMED/Battle ARena.

Mike Levine, CEO & Founder of Planet Mojo, also expressed his excitement about the partnership, remarking, “We’re incredibly thrilled to announce our partnership with WowWee, one of the industry’s leading toy manufacturers. These initiatives underscore our commitment to innovation, community engagement, and expanding the reach of the Planet Mojo universe. We eagerly anticipate our players and fans experiencing everything we have planned!”

The release date for the physical toys has not yet been disclosed.

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