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NeurochainAI NFTs sell out within seconds on the AVAX platform.

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Despite the overall decline in NFT sales for the fourth consecutive week, the scalable decentralized AI infrastructure project NeurochainAI experienced its inaugural NFT collection selling out in just one second, amidst a surge in crypto trading volumes.

The flagship collection of 1000 free-mint NFTs swiftly sold out during its first-come-first-served phase, with over 700 NFTs claimed through guaranteed spots. At the time of writing, the floor price of the collection was 1.31 AVAX.

Fueled by the project’s native NCN token, scheduled to launch later in 2024, the collection offers numerous benefits for holders. These include a shared pool of airdrops during NeurochainAI’s token generation event, as well as early adopter privileges across NeurochainAI, such as enhanced rewards, voting rights, and access to partner benefits from Gamestarter, Reality Metaverse, Dark Frontiers, Basketballverse, and more.

The tech startup aims to provide a comprehensive suite of tools necessary for building AIdapps, including its AI model marketplace, dapp store, DePin computer network, and data layers.

Julius Serenas, Founder and CEO of NeurochainAI, stated, “We aim to disrupt traditional cloud computing dominated by giants like Amazon Web Services (AWS), making NeurochainAI a cost-effective, infinitely scalable, and sustainable network computing platform.”

In a recent tweet, the company announced the testing phase of its Shared GPU network, enabling individuals and entities worldwide to connect their GPUs to NeurochainAI’s central servers. This initiative has the potential to address resource and energy consumption issues associated with conventional web server ecosystems.

“Our shared GPU network empowers individuals to play a role in AI development while ensuring fair reimbursement for their contributions,” added Julius.

The success of its NFT collection is particularly noteworthy given the challenging market conditions, especially for NFTs, which have seen continuous declines in recent weeks. However, NeurochainAI’s NFT sales contrast with the record-high numbers observed in other crypto sectors this week. Popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have reached all-time highs, while both centralized and decentralized exchanges have experienced peak trading volumes in March.

Within the first 24 hours of public trading, NeurochainAI’s total trading volume reached 7.4 ETH. The project is preparing for a token launch on centralized exchanges in the coming months.

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