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Next Round of Man City ‘Unseen City Shirts’ NFTs Kickstart Tomorrow

by FX BrokerNews

Tomorrow at 9:59 am (BST), Man City will launch its second batch of free NFTs through the ‘Unseen City Shirts’ web3 initiative in collaboration with OKX. These NFTs will transform the iconic Man City 23/24 shirt into limited-edition digital collectibles.

Dubbed the ‘Blue Moon NFTs,’ this release follows the success of their inaugural ‘The Roses and the Bees’ series, which saw 67,328 assets claimed in under five hours. The name ‘Blue Moon’ is a nod to Man City’s Roblox metaverse, active from July 14 to September 26, 2022.

The upcoming NFTs are expected to feature various rarity levels, including Rare and Ultra-Rare, offering exclusive Manchester City rewards. Details regarding the rarity of each NFT will be disclosed after the claiming period ends on May 3. Prize distribution information will be sent via email to NFT holders within 14 business days.

A Game-Changer for Fan Engagement

Each NFT in the Unseen City Shirts program is specifically designed to be non-transferable, unsellable, and non-tradable, emphasizing their exclusivity.

Man City’s previous collaboration, The Roses and the Bees, was a joint effort with concept kit designer Christian Jeffery. Inspired by Manchester’s iconic Lancaster rose and worker bee symbols, representing the city’s rich heritage and vibrant spirit, the collection swiftly sold out on the OKX digital marketplace within five hours of release.

While specific details about the Blue Moon NFTs are yet to be disclosed, fortunate holders of The Roses and Bees Rare collectibles can anticipate receiving a unique jersey, along with hospitality tickets and an exclusive tour of the club’s stadium.

Since 2022, Manchester City and OKX have fostered a fruitful partnership, with OKX now serving as the club’s official partner. The Man City Unseen City Shirts initiative exemplifies their close collaboration on the OKX NFT marketplace, underscoring the strength of their alliance.

Additionally, Man City recently joined forces with Quidd, a digital collectible platform, to introduce over 200 NFT cards featuring current and former players, as well as iconic club moments. Some of these cards offer real-world rewards such as merchandise, tickets, and exclusive experiences, including first-team training sessions.

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